Simone Steenberg is a Danish artist, based in Copenhagen and London, working with photography, performance, film and fashion. 


My current research is focused on sustainability and environmental-awareness, and materials. I create sculptures from ‘leftovers’, which interact with the nature and the human body.

I see fashion as a means to explore ideas of identity and self-expression and want to break the boundaries between art and fashion. My work celebrates and investigates women, the body and its form. It’s an exploration of intimate play, through the lens and subject; what is unveiled between the art, artist and audience. I aim to challenge conventional norms of social behaviour and beauty ideals, and present an alternate reality. Through my work and fascination with women I offer a different perspective onto female sexuality, which is full of resilience, kindness, humour and seductiveness.


Clients and publications include; Vogue Italia, LOVE magazine, Dazed Digital, i-D Magazine, Refinery29, Puss Puss Magazine, DANSK, The Fader, BLANC Magazine and musicians Rina Sawayama and Mabel.

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‘Beuverie en commun’, curated by Camille Bréchignac and Camille Houzé/ Kunstraum/ London, UK, 2019

BODY ECHO / Nicoletti Contemporary / Paris, France,  2018

Photo Vogue In Portraits / Vogue Italia / Leica Gallery Milan, Italy,  2017

Photo Vogue Festival / Vogue Italia / BASE Milan, Italy,  2016

Simone’s work has also been featured in group shows in London, New York and Copenhagen

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