This project creates intimate scenes that explore female fantasies and eroticisms.
By working with performers and a creative team, I aim to push photography beyond photography and towards a total practice; photography as performance, photography as entire environments.
Everyday objects and people are displaced and rearranged, playfully and politically so, to create an enclave of otherworldliness, a space of potential.
Scenes often begin in the domestic, not only to criticise a space of oppression, but also to reimagine a setting traditionally female. In exaggerating tensions and features of ‘the home’, the work becomes absurd, sexually explosive, and potentially dangerous. The iron board becomes a playful podium, laundry leashes become symbols of empowerment, food and paint coalesce, in images that constantly oscillate between the grotesque and the absolutely stunning.
It does not only explore natural beauty, but also the ‘too much,’ the artificial and the taboos. The project ‘stays with trouble’: it commits to performativity and fashion but as modes of individual expression and expansion rather than constraint, subverting things from the inside-out. Through 6 distinct scenarios I have worked to capture candid and radical moments, fizzing with energy and loaded with politics to present, if not a different world, then a different, possible, reality.

Twisted Home