Onoberg is a collaborative project by photographer Simone Steenberg and sound artist Gyorgy Ono. The project explores the adult life through the eyes of an inner child, finding the way back to a ‘kindergarten-state’ through the cinematic voyage, while going further within; uncovering the hidden superhero without needing to become one. Onoberg explores the glitch of reality, through playfulness and surrealism.

As the last thought is being killed by the anticipation of the next, the body of our subject investigates the world around us while interacting with the space and the objects that are related to our imagination and fantasy. We document the process in search of new meaning, in order to make sense of the chaotic reality we live in. It is about expanding the view through the performance and experimentation. The idea is to visit this child like reality through ‘adult-sculpture’, to break the tension and to cross the bridge between two worlds; somewhat to uncover, reclaim and preserve the lousy beauty of the initial sketch.